Residential Projects

This two story modern home offers five large bedrooms, each with walk-in closet and private bathroom. Other rooms include: a great room with vaulted ceiling; a spacious kitchen and dining area; a media room; a game room; a fitness room, as well as an office. The swimming pool and patio are accented by a trellis, providing adequate shading during the summer. A four car garage matches the contemporary style of this modern home. White stucco over concrete block construction gives the structure a clean look, while providing resistance to strong wind forces from hurricanes. The tropical landscape gives the site a serene atmosphere.

This two story residence utilizes a combination of modern design with traditional architecture. The application of stone and wood gives it a natural look while the tall storefront glass windows adds a commercial touch. The front porch and rear patio allows the homeowner to relax outdoors when the weather is good.

These three-story apartments depict a mainstream design for young couples who want to live in a contemporary urban setting. Utilizing a simple plan, the one-bedroom, dining-kitchen area provides basic essential spaces for everyday living. The exterior facade uses a mix of white stucco, brown James Hardi siding, and grey wood panels to generate a dynamic modern aesthetic that appeals to a broad public segment.

This large addition, designed by architect Isaac Molina of Lakeside Architect in Dallas, consists of several new bedrooms, bathrooms, a new dining area and kitchen, as well as a new outdoor patio at the rear of the home. The large windows allow daylight to enter these spaces while providing adequate ventilation. The patio chimney accentuates the outdoor kitchen, while the ceiling mounted fans offer a cool breeze during the summer.

This custom two-story timber residence contains a spacious outdoor patio with dual fireplace and barbecue area. The stone and hardiboard siding accentuates its natural surroundings, allowing it to blend nicely, and the recessed front porch creates a shaded area that provides relief from the hot summer sun.

These three story apartment units have a modernist style that utilizes wood, stucco and stone tiles on the exterior skin to create a sleek facade where tenants can live in style. The tropical landscape and palm trees create a nice atmosphere for these dwellings and provide a sense of community.

This project was designed for an awesome architect by the name of Frank Callahan. He came up with the landscape and hardscape designs for his future backyard. The renderings depict how he envisioned his new patio, swimming pool, grilling area and privacy fence. The stone pads lead from the rear door of his home out to the pool. It truly is a beautiful place to be in if you want to relax and leave behind the stresses of work and life.

These residential multi-story units were designed to accommodate families in the suburbs of the DFW area. Its combination of exterior brick and wood veneer finishes makes these dwellings aesthetically pleasing. The porches and balconies provide extra space for outdoor activities as well as shade from the summer sunlight. Each unit has two stories with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a living room, a dining room, closets and a kitchen.

This home displays all the elements of the traditional arts and crafts movement. The outriggers, rafters, columns and window trims depict the style of this period. The green siding blends in with the surrounding landscape and the white trim defines the geometry of this residence.

This green home built by Meyer Homes is not only energy efficient, but uses green materials and technologies to reduce the cost of maintenance and utility fees. It consists of a wood frame structure with vinyl siding, and windows accentuated by white trim. The gable roof gives it a suburban-style feel that not only diverts rain and snow but adds a creative flow to the overall design of the home. For more information contact general contractor Brad Meyer at his website

A new spiral stair and roof deck is the scope of work for this residential addition. The plan is to integrate the existing stair with theproposed spiral stair so that the two merge together in form and style. The wood deck at the roof will be surrounded by a parapet wall of timber beams topped with a pipe railing and lattice cover. Patio umbrellas, lounge chairs, a barbecue grill, tropical trees, shrubs and planters decorate this roof-top deck creating a relaxing environment surrounded by scenic views of the urban city.

This two-story Spanish style villa located in South Florida is constructed of concrete block walls, stucco coating, pre-engineered wood trusses and wind-pressure tested windows and doors able to resist category five hurricane forces. Topped by red spanish roof tiles decorated with a stone wainscott below each window sill gives this Meditteranean-style residence an aesthetic appeal.

Known as the Twin Tower home it's vertical stair shafts stand as the building's hierarchy and defining architectural element. An elevator and rear stair allows for floor to floor circulation at the rear end of the building while large glass panels skewed at the building's front creates an inviting facade.

This two-story waterfront residence by the sea is a modern piece of architecture. The reflections of the building's form and curtain glass walls relects in the serene water surrounding it. It's blue standing metal seam roof and door + window trim are direct impression of it's natural environment. The concrete walkways and aspaht parking are also floating on suspended slabs grounded into the ocean floor while the aluminum rail twists and winds down this path of circulation.

This two-story brick cantilevered balcony residence extends over the lake and is illuminated at night by its wall and floor mounted light fixtures. The frosted glass provides for a level of intimacy while it creates a unique glare as the interior lights reflect off of it.

This Rocky Mountain home lies adjacent to a creek near a forest on a sloped valley. The chimney acts as dominant vertical element joined by the tapered windows on both sides. The timber framed balcony and railing creates a pleasant outdoor terrace with a scenic view.

A gable pediment porch and a two-car garage define this single family residence's facade. Located on a sloped hill terrain this residence includes an outdoor wood-framed patio deck surrounded by wood balusters and handrail.

Remodeled desert style clubhouse and swimming pool. New landscape, hardscape, outdoor fountain, furniture and interior elements define the changes added to this existing site. A sense of tropical tranquility and relaxation is exhibited through these new features.

This remodeled clubhouse includes a newly paved basketball court and kid's outdoor playground with a canvas cover. A new wood trellis provides shading from the intense desert sunlight as do the umbrella covered tables. An outdoor fire pit area provides a great place to relax by the flat screen t.v. that is mounted on the stucco wall.