Interior Designs

This newly remodeled restaurant will serve Tex-Med cuisine, which is a combination of Bar-B-Que and Mediterranean meals. The wood panels and white-washed brick at the bar counter and foyer entrance adds a unique sense of style and personality to the interior space of the restaurant. The Ferah sign is white with a black background that creates a strong contrast, making it stand out to customers. The outdoor patio area includes mew fire pits, umbrella seating and sofas for leisure relaxation.

This mall kiosk is designed to serve fast food in the food court where it will be located. The red subway tile and plank wood panels give it a mainstream facade while the beams at the ceiling not only support the walls but add a structural aesthetic. Food is served at the front counter near a display case.

These renderings are from a photography studio that Don Voxuan owns and wanted remodeled. Cosette Meyer was the architecture student who created these stunning interior designs. Her creativity and passion for design can be seen in the layout of the furniture, lighting, floor finishes, ceilings and artwork.

The interior design of these coffee shops are symbolized by the quality of finish materials, textures and colors. The style of the furniture adds to the overall comfort and appearance of the space. The lighting illuminates the main service bar’s menu and artwork displayed in the seating areas. This is the reason why many people prefer Starbucks coffee: They are a cut above the rest.

These interior spaces, designed by LEGAT Architects for Vista Hospital, include every aspect of interior design: from floors, fixtures, furniture, walls, lighting and ceilings, to enhancing elements such as floral images etched into frosted glass panels. Paint color and floor material coordinate with artwork and fabric to create a warm and hospitable environment; suitable to both the patients', and visitors' needs.

This wedding banquet space is an exhibition room for clients interested in planning a ceremony. The furniture, lighting, ceiling and bar area are designed specifically to cater to the event. The white color and bright lighting define the theme of a pure and divine temple. The use of glass creates reflections of the atmosphere and its entourage, creating a memorable experience.

The interior views rendered were designed by Legat Architects for the VA Northside Medical Center's remodeling project. An excellent display of interior design are seen in the creative use of designer furniture, floor design, ceiling lights, wall finishes and color coordination. The five renderings depict the new exterior building entrance, new emergency room simulation, new virtual reality center, new library space and new theater area. The final result adds a touch of reality through the use of RPC people, automobiles and medical equipment giving these renderings a photo-realistic appearance.

The interior design of these commercial restaurants encompasses several architectural elements: custom lighting, dropped ceiling soffits, designer furniture and appealing floor + ceiling finishes. The combination of linear and curvilinear walls creates a sense of circulation and movement from one dining space into another. The use of glass panel walls allows the client to view the corridor and surrounding exterior objects. The colors define a modern yet sophisticated style that blends the present with the past.

These interior spaces are defined by a unique blend of glass, wood, metal and carpet. The consistency of color selection for the furniture creates a sense of unity throughout the space. The light fixtures display a radiant ambiance that reflects the hue of the finishes and enhances the overall aesthetics of the rooms. Since most of the spaces are open, the dropped ceilings and furniture layout define the flow of this interior design.

The basement, lower level and upper level of this three-story historical jail house is being converted into a barber shop, beauty salon and lounge area. The jail cells serve as waiting areas, the common area is now a bar and recreational lounge area serving visitors entering the salon. The atmosphere is a welcoming one that still preserves some of the environment of the former jail house such as the concrete walls, iron bars and existing windows + doors of this building. Modern light fixtures decorate and illuminate the remodeled spaces and bring a new sense of warmth to a previously cold and dark jail institution.

This new corporate office renovation consists of three new functions: a reception & lobby area, semi-private employee offices and conference rooms, an open work station area and an employee breakroom. Storefront glass allows all the new offices to have a view of the circulation throughout the main corridor. A double-glass door invites clientele to enter the reception area while modern furniture and light fixtures accentuate the style of this corporate space. The break room serves as a social area for dining, gathering and relaxation for the employees and their guests. Dropped soffits and energy efficient light fixtures at the ceiling above the work station and reception & lobby areas add a decorative touch to the interior design of these spaces.

Metal stair, linear rail, curtain glass wall and doors create this interior space illuminated by natural sunlight. Work stations accentuated by ceiling geometry, pattern and light fixtures.

Colors, textures, light, shadows and reflections of materials make this interior space and it's elements distinct and attractive. Recessed ceiling and wall light fixtures keep this interior space illuminated at night while the curtain glass walls allow for natural daylight.

The Twin Towers interior offices spaces are a unique blend of material finishes, colors, lighting and form which create an aesthetic appealing to any visitor. The reflections the materials generate on the walls and curtin glass panels are distinctive of it's interior elements. The furniture and light fixtures mounted on the ceiling and wall add to the creative design and corporate ambient. The colors and textures of the materials accentuate the overall appearance of the office space.

A modern residence designed to reflect the ocean water surronding it. Sitting on a concrete floating pad, this two story residence consists of a grand living space surronded by a curtin glass wall. The blud tile floor, perimeter trim around the second floor slab and table top surfaces signify the color of it's natural element. A steel spiral stair and glass panel L-shape stair allow for a creative method of vertical circulation.

The rotunda of blue-glass creates quite an impressive display of multiple reflections as the cherry-wood stairway and metal railing wraps itself around it. This Chicago loft studio offers the tenant workspaces that are functional in form and space. The combination of steel beams and reinforced concrete slabs make up the structure surrounding the vertical shaft. Light fixtures hung from the ceiling follow the curvilinear flow of the glass enclosure and illuminate it's surrounding walls and floor.

Office work stations with glass panel rooms in the distance provide the layout for this corporate interior design highlighted by it's wall sconces and dropped pendant lighting. This interior remodeling project involves the demolition of all existing interior partition walls and millwork. All new interior partitions are non-load bearing since each floor rests on structural concreate columns. The addition of office rooms and prefabricated workstations in the scope of work. Aestheic style is seen in the type of light fixtures being used on the walls and dropped from the ceiling as well as the creative design of the office chairs and work tables.

This existing bar and restaurant was renovated into a nightclub ambiance. With new lighting fixtures, furniture design, DMX lighting above the DJ booth and a new hardwood dance floor, this interior space will accommodate customer's expectations with a new style and taste of the night. The second floor atrium balcony provides a grandeur view of the bar area below. Red drapery and white decorative columns accentuate the new wall design.

A Two Story Reinforced Concrete w/ Curtain Glass Wall Structure. First level consists of work stations, reception desk and restroom. Second level contains a bar counter, pool table, dance floor and aisle space for circulation. Two towers serve as means of egress.